Illustrator and filmmaker, Quentin Jones, and George Northcott, a tech entrepreneur, met at Heathrow airport. They are married with two children.

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‘We met at Heathrow Terminal 5 on our way to the same group holiday in Mexico five years ago,’ recalls illustrator and filmmaker Quentin Jones. ‘George was a friend of my sister’s husband’s friend and we met going through the airport, but first spoke properly on the plane.’ By the time the trip was over, they were dating (‘I got a tip-off that Quentin might be interested so I decided to ignore her for a few days; it was the first time in my life I’ve ever played it cool,’ jokes entrepreneur George Northcott). There was a slight hitch: Jones lived in New York; Northcott in London. ‘Our first time spent alone was when George flew home from the Burning Man festival and “stopped off” to see me in New York.’ The next six months were spent criss-crossing the Atlantic. ‘George was really romantic. Every time he came to visit, he wrote a rhyming comedy poem about the trip,’ says Jones, who later moved back to the UK.  ‘It was a case of “are we all in or all over”, so we were very much all in,’ says Northcott.

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"What’s really unique about Quentin is that she never settles for any kind of mediocrity, so you’re always pushed to be the best version of yourself."

The couple lived together in north London immediately and had their first child Grey, now three, a year later (their second son, Cassius, is 10 months old). After a fairytale weekend-long wedding in Venice, they spent three weeks in India for their honeymoon; now they make it a priority to escape regularly for weekends away. We’ve figured out that when you’ve got kids and work, you really need to reset your relationship every now and again, says Northcott. I think it’s really important to find time as a couple, so this year we went to Miami for some sun in February, skiing in March, then Venice to the Biennale opening in May, continues Jones. When we’re away, the thing I love most about staying in a hotel is that someone cleans up the room during the day. George likes to leave his clothes on the floor and that makes me tense. We tend to sleep better and longer too; I guess because we’ve got babies at home, but also it’s that feeling of being cocooned.

Whether travelling together or cooking for friends at the weekend, Northcott says that Jones always aims high. What’s really unique about Quentin is that she never settles for any kind of mediocrity, so you’re always pushed to be the best version of yourself. And I really love that about her.

Quentin and George at the Great Northern Hotel, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, London
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